About 2023 eCloudture Cloud Seedling program

In the post-epidemic era under the ravages of COVID-19, the importance to use cloud has been deepened for enterprises. Coupled with the rapid development of science and technology, cloud, big data, AI, IoT and other technologies is more and more popular and essential in various industries. How to jump on the cloud and become the key talents in this environment?

Welcome to join eCloudvalley (ECV) to be our partner! In 2023 eCloudture Cloud Seedling Program, we are pleased to be with you who have interest and ideas in cloud industry. On the basis of your major or professional area, eCloudture will assist you to jump on the cloud according to the corresponding roles. The training session not only accumulates your skills, the mentors also give support on your cloud career. Let’s jump on 2023 eCloudture Cloud Seedling Program and be the stars in the sky!


Solid Training

The 4-months internship program will be conducted by professional instructors to implement projects in the cloud. The project will based on their respective fields (AI/ML, Big Data, IoT), and will publication of project results at the end of the internship.。
Mentor Institution

Cloud engineers with years of practical experience as mentors guide you to design and execute cloud projects. Learn from doing professional cloud knowledge and develop the ability to solve problems.
Job Opportunity

We sincerely and warmly welcome you as our partner of work in the cloud through the eCloudture platform to match cloud opportunity.
During the internship, we will be very sincere and enthusiastic to welcome you to become our colleague. Or you can match the our customer’s company through the eCloudture platform.
Encourage to Learn


We love to create the learning atmospheres. We regularly hold workshops, including the latest cloud news, external lecturer lectures, and study groups. To help interns successfully obtain cloud technology certification.

Employee Benefit

Each month’s birthday party/free lunch/snack bar/various clubs (yoga, running, skateboarding, etc.). Interns can choose to participate in the event.

eCloudture Working Environment

All the talents will discuss new knowledge together, and they will also share interesting life stories to promote team friendship, just like a big family.

The relaxed environment can inspire different ideas, and the spacious resting space with full snacks and drinks enables colleagues to think out of the box and come up with innovative issues.

eCloudture Internships offering 

Training Sharing 

Intern – Cloud Engineer|2022.06

I learned a lot about cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Microsoft services like Power Apps and Power Automate. I also further learned how to implement these services into a product or system architecture. The internship program not only allowed me to learn more about the technical aspects, but also improved my soft skills like teamwork, problem solving, and many other abilities to communicate with others. I am very fortunate to be able to participate in this internship program, it has taught me a lot of practical skills and skills that are necessary in the workplace.

Intern – Sales & Marketing|2022.06

During the whole internship process, although I was in a panic in the early stage, I still tried my best to learn independently and actively ask for help. In the period, I did different topics which were different from the marketing field that I had got in touch before. In fact, the most importance in marketing is to understand the “content”, therefore; as a marketing intern, I had to communicate with cloud engineer intern about the basic technical part frequently. Then discussing with the mentors about the cases before and came up with the best solutions. Internship for me is nothing more than entering the workplace ecology early. I can observe each position in the company and the culture of each department by this chance and that is the biggest benefit in the program.

Intern – Cloud Engineer|2022.06

I was very happy to come to eCloudvalley for an internship. When I first registered, I was very surprised that there were so many students who came for an internship together. Everyone’s backgrounds were different, but they were all new to the cloud industry. At the beginning, we were led by the Institution department and taught the basics cloud knowledge in the training session. Then we were assigned to different departments for projects. The mentors I met here were super nice and helpful, willing to take time to help us with the progress of the project, taught technical knowledge, etc. The atmosphere in the team was very harmonious. Just like brothers and sisters, they not only chatted with us about daily things also future career. I was grateful to them! This internship program has helped me a lot and I am thankful for the opportunity to come to eCloudvalley for an internship!

Intern – Cloud Engineer|2022.06

I didn’t major in the information-related department actually. Before I came to the internship program, I hadn’t got in touch with the cloud. But soon, I found that my worries were superfluous. In the beginning, the company arranged a complete cloud training, which laid a good knowledge and technical foundation for us. The mentors also allowedus to give full play to do our project and they always provided immediate assistance when we encountered technical problems. Even as an intern in the company, I could have contributions to the project and department which was very fulfilling. The whole process is very interesting, and I really benefit a lot!