eCloudvalley is a PSI Authorized Test Center where you can complete certification exams authorized by AWS and other PSI at eCloudvalley. eCloudture provides you with a spacious and professional exam environment and a comfortable seating area to keep you in the best shape for the quiz.

  1. Please complete the online registration according to the original notice of the registration test method.
  2. Please use the same English name as your passport when registering for the exam.
  3. The deadline for registration of all examinations is subject to the requirements of each factory.
  4. Please read the original examination policy carefully when you register, if you want to reschedule or cancel the examination, please contact the original factory for processing.
  5. The examination center cannot provide services such as registration, cancellation or postponement of the examination.
Each subject examination fee and payment method based on the original announcement.
  1. A notification email will be sent to you once you register for the exam. A reminder email will be sent to you one day before the exam.
  2. When taking the AWS exam, please bring two identification documents (passport and one named document). The English name on the passport must be the same as the English name on the system at the time of registration to facilitate the identification.
  3. Please arrive at the examination center 15 minutes before the test time to check in to facilitate the examination.
  4. Obey the rules of the examination room and do not bring any items that are not allowed by the invigilator to enter the venue.
  5. The examination center is unable to provide a transcript or any proof. If you have any questions about the results or certificates, please contact the original test factory directly.

eCloudture environment