About University Cloud Seedling Program

In order to provide college students to connect with the industry. To better understand the current situation of the cloud industry market and the actual needs of enterprise customers. eCloudture established a cloud seedling project for colleges. eCloudture provides professional technology cultivation, perfect mentoring strategy, and career planning. The program allows students to quickly train the basic ability ​​in various fields of the cloud industry through internship and intensive training. Finally, students will find a job that suits them. eCloudture also provides opportunities for internships to become full-time, join us and create your cloud career!
Solid Training
The 4-months internship program will be conducted by professional instructors to implement projects in the cloud. The project will based on their respective fields (AI/ML, Big Data, IoT), and will publication of project results at the end of the internship.
Mentor Institution
Cloud engineers with years of practical experience as mentors guide you to design and execute cloud projects. Learn from doing professional cloud knowledge and develop the ability to solve problems.
Job Opportunity
We sincerely and warmly welcome you as our partner of work in the cloud through the eCloudture platform to match cloud opportunity.
During the internship, we will be very sincere and enthusiastic to welcome you to become our colleague. Or you can match the our customer’s company through the eCloudture platform.
Encourage to Learn
We love to create the learning atmospheres. We regularly hold workshops, including the latest cloud news, external lecturer lectures, and study groups. To help interns successfully obtain cloud technology certification.
Employee Benift
Each month’s birthday party/free lunch/snack bar/various clubs (yoga, running, skateboarding, etc.). Interns can choose to participate in the event.

eCloudture Working Environment

2019 First Phase Intern’s photo. During 4-month internship program, eCloudture’s professional mentors will lead the intern group to the cloud. Accumulating a large amount of practical experience in a short period of time and becoming a great cloud talent in the future.
Creative ideas need to jump off the frame. At the eCloudture office, we offer spacious lounge spaces, snack cabinets and beer bars. Employees can generate creative ideas or crazy thoughts.
Regular internal training. Through sharing of workshops, discussion of technology or marketing knowledge, allows interns to learn more professional cloud knowledge, or try to understand the voices of different fields.

eCloudture Internships offering

Training Schedule

2019 Second Stage
Registration deadline:3/17 23:59
Interview time:3/20 – 3/27
Planning of on-board:4/1
2019 Third Stage
Registration deadline:5/3 23:59
Interview time:5/18
Planning of on-board:7/1
2019 Fourth Stage
Registration deadline:9/15 23:59
Interview time:9/9 – 9/20
Planning of on-board:10/1

Training Sharing


“A person can work hard to achieve the goal, but a group of people can work together to go further.” In the second week of the internship, the mentors asked us to organize a sacred ceremony before the certification exams: Study Group. Everyone must share the knowledge of AWS services. In addition to the basic service knowledge and advantages, we will also pay attention to the comparison and application examples between similar services. I think this is very helpful for the exam. Because I don’t like to memorize things myself, I am used to strengthening my memory by some related comparisons. On the day of the exam, I found that the architecture of exam was similar to the service sharing in the study group. At that time, I realized that the form of the study group that the directors requested was originally of ulterior motives.

“With teamwork as the core, the instructors have created a warm study environment for us to make learning more effective and interesting.”
In addition to the basic training courses, the instructors also helped us to know AWS services. Each interns only need to read the key points of several services and share them with other interns. Changing the atmosphere of study group for more happier. The mentor will supplement us and improve the efficiency of our study. I also successfully obtained the first certification, thank you very much for creating such a good learning environment.

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