eCloudture Yggdrasill

ecloudture Yggdrasill office is located in Sanchong District, adjacent to MRT Sanhe Junior High School. The Yggdrasill is a small meeting room for 3-10 people. If you need a high-speed wifi, professional and comfortable venue space, Yggdrasill Office will be your best choice!

Address: 7th Floor, No. 111-32, Section 4, Sanhe Road, Sanchong District, New Taipei City - Marco Polo Building

By MRT: MRT Sanhe Guozhong Station Exit 2, about 3 minutes walk
By Bus:39 / 221 / 225 / 264 / 306 / 508 / 662 / 704 / 785 / 857 / 925 / Blue1 / Orange18
Drive by yourself: Go through National Highway No. 1 and take the interchange road under the triple interchange of New Taipei City. Turn right at the third section of Sanhe Road / 103 County Road. You can reach the 4th section of Sanhe Road in about 5 minutes.
Rental information:
Suitable for: 3 - 10 (maximum 10 people)
Available from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Meeting Room Facilities: Whiteboard/Whiteboard Pent/Projector Pent/Wireless Network/Unlimited Drinking Water, Coffee

* eCloudture does not provide service to assist the layout and restoration of the venue, please pay attention to the rental time.
* Please apply for 4 weeks in advance. Reservations within 72 hours will not be accepted.
* Once eCloudture receives the application, the rental manager will contact the applicant and confirm the price and details. After payment of deposit to reserve the venue, the amount of the final payment must be settled before the end of the activity.
* Please note that no damage to the wall by any means, such as drilling, adhesive, etc., caused by accidents or human damage to the site items and equipment, the leasing unit shall assume all liability for damages.
Rental fee: 4 hours for one unit, 2 consecutive units can enjoy 10% off discount
Weekday Morning Session (08:00 - 12:00):NT$ 4000
Weekday Afternoon Session (13:00 - 17:00) :NT$ 4000

* At least 6 pm to complete the return of the venue, more than 10 minutes in 30 minutes, overtime 30 minutes, additional $1000 venue fee; 60 minutes extra, additional $2000 venue fee, and so on.
* If you need to cancel the venue rental, cancellation on or before 10 working days will be fully refunded, 5 days or less will be charged 50%. Cancellation within 3 days will be treated as No Show and no refund will be made.
* 10% off if you rent two consecutive time units
* If you have any needs and questions, please send an email to

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